To be a Good and Faithful Servant.


"For many years I have hoped for bold leadership that would speak truth to power, exercise wisdom in authority, and walk humbly with those served. Those things being absent, my hope has turned to resolve and to embody the change I longed for."

Steven David Hughes, Candidate for U.S. Senate



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"Divided we fall..." and I have never felt like my country was as divided as it is right now. Hate spewing from the Left and the Right as American Politics has devolved into a blood sport and the victor is the one who most destroys their opponent. I firmly believe that there are foundational principles that unite us as a people and that both parties have ignored in order to divide the body politic. We are given a false dilemma so that we are forced to chose one bad candidate or another. This is not true. We have a choice and we can choose to ignore the parties and their straw men and select principled people from the working class. We don't need individuals who impress on us their superior ability to decide for us, we need unifiers, apologists, and servants. We need leadership cloaked in humility.

I am not a politician, lawyer, doctor, millionaire, in fact, I am an industrial services representative. In the grand scheme, there is nothing significant about me, my job, or my talents. I am rejected by my party because I am not a professional politician, lobbyist, or donor. I have nothing to give them. All I have is my understanding of our government, our people, our civic contract, and a willingness to serve. When leaders are the best representatives of service from the people, the people are best represented and "we" lead together.